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Updated June 30, 2013

Bernhart Websites Reviews Key West

Key West is a beautiful destination for vacationers in the United States. The climate is warm, there are plenty of attractions and fun destinations to enjoy. Key West has warm water, blue skies and it is the perfect destination for water sports and more. Travelers to Key West will find plenty of fun in the sun, and stunning sunsets to finish the days.

Visitors to Key West will find a wide variety of attractions to visit, and recreation to enjoy. Key West has a long and interesting history. One way to experience this history is to explore the architecture of the town. Another way to learn about the history of Key West is to take a tour train or trolley. While on one of these tours, the conductors will tell fascinating stories about places of historical importance.

Key West is also the location of the John Audubon House, the Earnest Hemingway House, and the Harry S Truman Little White House. All of these homes are excellent attractions to explore during a visit to Key West. The Earnest Hemingway House is definitely worth a visit, and even is home to many six-toed cats. Another home of historical and current importance is the Harry S Truman White House. This house was used as the White House during the Truman administration, and has been used for important moments since then.

This island is also filled with amazing natural beauty and recreation. The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is one way to enjoy the beauty of hundreds of butterflies, exotic birds and tropical vegetation. Nature lovers will also enjoy an eco-tour of Key West, which will introduce  visitors to the many beauties of the islands, and lucky tourists will even get to see dolphins.

Key West is also has amazing kayaking, boating, fishing, snorkeling and diving. Key West offers fishing enthusiasts some of the best saltwater fishing. Kayakers will enjoy backcountry kayaking off of the island. The coral reefs and shipwrecks are perfect for snorkeling and diving. For those visitors that want to see all of the beauty in the reef, but don't want to snorkel or dive, there are glass-bottom boat tours.

Throughout the area there are amazing spots to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Fort Jefferson is an ideal day trip for snorkelers. While the USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg is an ideal diving spot. This ship was purposely sunk in 2009 to create an artificial reef, and it is now home to many tropical fish. Catamaran snorkeling tours are another great way to see some of the reefs treasures. For the really adventurous there are even night diving tours.

Visitors that have an interest in exploring shipwrecks can also visit the Key West Shipwreck Museum, where they will learn about the history of shipwrecking in Key West and how it made Key West the richest city in the US during  1851. The museum has artifacts and the lookout tower is another fun place to explore at the museum. This destination tells the stories of those that made their fortunes from shipwrecking.

Key West also has beautiful beaches, mostly on the south side of the island. Visitors will also enjoy parks, including Fort Zachary Taylor Park, which has an excellent beach, and the gardens at West Martello Towers.

After all of the fun to be had during the day, Key West also has a great nightlife. The evenings start with watching the beautiful sunset. Then travelers can enjoy the sidewalk cafes, the bars on Duval street, delicious restaurants and even open-air bars.

Key West is a spectacular destination for any traveler. There is stunning snorkeling and diving opportunities. In fact, it is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, and is the perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts. The island also has a fascinating history and a lively nightlife. All of these attractions together make Key West a destination with something to offer everyone.

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